Undervalued pharmaceutical stock Cybin emerges as market pioneer

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Undervalued pharmaceutical stock Cybin emerges as market pioneer


The stock market, being a zero-sum game, often presents opportunities to identify severely undervalued stocks, although these opportunities are typically recognized by only a few astute investors. In this context, consider the following: a market valued at 40 billion USD, yet its leader has only a market capitalization of only 200 million USD. After reading this article, would investors be intrigued?


According to a recent report by a data and analytics company GlobalData, the psychiatric drugs market is projected to exceed 40 billion USD by 2025. Cybin Inc (NYSE: CYBN), a company engaged in the development of innovative next-generation psychedelic therapies, currently has a market capitalization of around 200 million USD. The company recently announced phase 2 interim data for CYB003 (12mg), which demonstrated a significant reduction in the Montgomery-Åsberg Depression Rating Scale (MADRS) scores compared to the placebo (p=0.0005). This unprecedented result, with a reduction of 14 points from the baseline MADRS score, brings great hope to nearly 400 million depression patients worldwide, offering them a new lease on life.


The MADRS is a 10-item clinician-administered scale designed to assess the overall severity of depressive symptoms in individuals with Major Depressive Disorder (MDD). Widely used in clinical trials and accepted by regulatory authorities worldwide, the MADRS measures various symptoms of depression, such as mood sadness, sleep and appetite reduction, concentration difficulties, anhedonia, and negative and suicidal thoughts. Scores range from 0 to 6 for each item, resulting in a total score ranging from 0 to 60. Typical score ranges for severity are as follows: 0-6 (normal), 7-19 (mild), 20-34 (moderate), and >34 (severe depression). In the CYB003 study, the mean baseline total scores on the MADRS were 32.6 and 33.3 in the active and placebo groups, respectively.


In simpler terms, the mid-term efficacy data for CYB003 at a dose of 12mg demonstrated rapid and statistically significant improvement in depressive symptoms within three weeks of single-dose administration. Upon completion of all testing and subsequent market launch, CYB003 is poised to quickly become the market leader in the 40 billion USD market.


What has yet to widely circulate in the investment market is that Cybin holds the most patents in the psychedelic therapy industry. Some researchers believe that Cybin has the potential to become the next Pfizer (NYSE: PFE) of the industry. Shockingly, Cybin’s stock price has remained below 1 USD for an extended period. HC Wainwright & Co. analyst Patrick Trucchio, a professional investor, remains steadfast in his 10 USD price target for Cybin, without hesitation. Point 72 Asset Management, a forward-thinking firm, has recently increased its holdings of Cybin by 18.95 million common shares. All these actions demonstrate investors’ unwavering confidence in Cybin and the value it holds.

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