VBNK to oversee $1 billion digital asset deposits by Q2

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VBNK to oversee $1 billion digital asset deposits by Q2

London, VBNK is a US based asset management fintech enterprise with regional locations in Asia Pacific and the United Arab Emirates, focusing on multi investment solutions for passive and fixed income options primarily diversified between digital assets and stock investments.

VBNK management team has managed a total of $10B during the lifespan of combined business activities between all the management team members and has provided satisfactory returns on investment to earlier investors. The team is now creating a new asset management solution focusing purely on electronic trading.

VBNK will be pivoting its unique investment diversification strategies to early investors within the first quarter of 2023, and by the second quarter the firm expects to manage at least $1 billion worth of digital assets of investors capital alone not including other assets such as cash, real estate, bonds and other traditional assets.

The firm’s main offering is investment option split between direct digital asset investments and hedge fund investments. VBNK will be hedging the invested capital against traditional and modern markets in collaboration with well established global financial institutions maintaining long track record of performance with complete audits reports up to date.

VBNK Fintech Division Solutions

Later in 2023, by Q3 and Q4 VBNK will be looking to extend the business with new fintech integration of a blockchain solution by creating its own VBNK Exchange Network, the VEN. This fintech solution will be providing advanced asset management and financial services to large asset managers and payment companies such as Fidelity, PayPal and CME Group.

As an electronic trading asset management, the VEN network’s sole purpose is to create automated fund distribution system between electronic exchanges with faster transaction speed boasting new opportunities in FX and arbitrage trading. The system would be efficient enough to perform 2 million transactions per second. 

VBNK Global Ventures

During 2023, VBNK as an asset manager is looking to acquire an electric car company called Voltan Inc. which uses Smart Vehicle Architecture technology. Voltan Inc. is a private electric car enterprise of a joint venture between Asia Pacific and US based enterprises. Voltan Inc. is also a member consortium of Foxconn EV Alliance.

To advance our diversified approach, we continue to explore global markets and invest in our strategic initiatives including electric vehicle infrastructure as EV market is definitely worth exploring and searching for high value ROI options” – says Alan Lane, Interim CEO of VBNK.

VBNK also has an aim on Saudi Arabia for potential expansion for business development and is currently looking into different partnership options within Saudi Arabia such as NEOM and other prestige projects with Saudi Arabian royal government.

The pilgrim market in South East Asia is an incredibly important part for the Saudi economy, which is why we are thrilled to explore Saudi Arabia market and unlock vast SME business success for merchants across the Kingdom” – says Jovan Jaya, VP Strategic Marketing.

Estimated Earnings 2023 Annual Closure

It is expected and evaluated that potential 2023 annual net earnings of VBNK could seek a minimum of 10-20% of the total invested capital at VBNK. As per third party analysis and reviews, based on the economy and market conditions, it is commented to actually be possible to achieve a 400% ROI subject to successful market bull run by the end of Q4 2023.


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