Espinoza: Signs are clear, polls are near

To us voters, the next midterm elections is still far since it will be on the second Monday of May 2025 wherein we will elect local officials, congressional district representatives and senators. But to the politicians, it is near. As a matter of fact, the Commission on Elections (Comelec) has begun preparations for the midterm polls as well as for the forthcoming barangay and special elections.

There is no doubt that most, if not all, politicians and those aiming to run for reelection or seeking new elected posts have started their preparations on the most important part, that is securing funds, which is the much-needed ammunition, so to speak, of any politician. Of course, the other part is feeling the pulse of the voters, like attending public or private events even if uninvited and giving donations to victims of calamities.

The other day, after a court hearing in Mandaue City, by chance I followed on my way to the office a huge bus with the markings “Republic of the Philippines, Office of the Vice President. LIBRENG SAKAY.” Wow! I wonder if the operators of the PUJs, MPUJs and buses would be pleased about it. But the commuters would certainly be glad to get a free ride on this bus.

Do not get me wrong. Vice President Sara Duterte is not running for any position in the midterm elections as her term, like the President’s, won’t end until 2028 yet. Positioning this early? Maybe. It may be recalled that earlier this month, a polling survey as to who Filipinos would likely choose for president in the May 2028 elections already came out. Sadly, I was not one of the respondents.

In the towns and cities of Cebu, the signs are already apparent that politicians are upbeat in their preparations for the next midterm elections. Those seeking reelection and the newbies are weighing in their chances for the elective posts they are eyeing in 2025.

I almost forgot. Try to check Facebook (FB). Most politicos have an account where you can post a request or question, although, in most instances, it is seldom responded to. But the politicos could use their FB account as a gauge as to how many people are interested in them.

A vice mayor (name withheld) in one of the cities in Cebu has not removed the poster on the service vehicles he used during the campaign in the last general elections. Also, I still see some huge posters of some candidates for councilor that remain on the walls or posts even after winning the last polls.

Consider the rift between Cebu City Mayor Mike Rama and MCWD chairman Joey Daluz. It cannot anymore be said that it is not related to the forthcoming elections. Despite the denial of Daluz, rumors are getting louder that he is a potential candidate for mayor and, according to my friends, Mayor Rama simply cannot bear it.

Many friends I talked with think that the city mayor will not stop until Daluz is ousted from MCWD. Aside from politics, would anyone know, if not guess, why Mayor Mike is so fixated in kicking out Daluz from the MCWD board?

I also gathered from a reliable source that a lawyer who worked with another local government unit was recently taken back by this city mayor for a special task to ensure that the city mayor gets reelected. It is indeed a huge and daunting task for this lawyer. But with the sterling qualifications of this lawyer, this job is just like a walk in the park for him.