Eugenio: Glad to be here

My son has been volunteering for the Visayan Art Fair in Cebu recently and he has been having a blast. Hearing his story with a smile on his face never fails to make me smile as well. To sum up his feelings, he says that “He is genuinely glad to be there.”

After hearing his laughs and stories, it made me think what if everyone could feel the excitement and fun in the environments they are in right now. Then suddenly, it hit me, with a little knowledge and help, it is possible.

In my line of work, I always talk about the Three Factors of Human Success, namely Heaven Luck, Man Luck, and Earth Luck. With Heaven Luck, it can dictate what one has affinity to and not. Additionally, sometimes it is within our nature to be against a certain environment although it is not so negative because of our Heaven Luck. Although our Heaven Luck dictates what environment can bring the best in oneself, sometimes one works out the environment for it to be in their favor.

Man Luck describes one’s hard work to achieve a goal. More often than not, one must work in unsupportive environments. However, as much as joy can come naturally, to maintain it, it must be worked on. As an example, when my son gets sleepy when volunteering, he plays music to cheer and boost himself up. Similar to that, one can maintain or increase one’s disposition towards something, someone, or someplace with effort.

Our Earth Luck refers to the environment itself working towards our favor. It deals with the energy of the place one resides or works in to either benefit or not. Despite it sounding uncontrollable, it can at least be managed to enable oneself. One can manipulate the energy of the environment to promote health, good relationships, and even businesses, to bring out the most not only in oneself, but also others.

Although my services usually benefit the person I give it to, the knowledge I try to impart always enables others to help others as well. Though some days it can be difficult to be positive and cheerful, staying and choosing to stay negative might only worsen it for oneself and others. With the knowledge that our own happiness is in our own hands, one can always do something about it. With our hands, we are able to create a place where everyone is welcome and glad to be in.