Impounded vehicles to be auctioned off

UNCLAIMED impounded vehicles will soon be auctioned off to open up space in the Cebu City Transportation Office (CCTO) facility.

Kent Francesco Jongoy, the CCTO section head of the legal and investigation, told SunStar Cebu on Thursday, June 29, 2023, they will be officially proposing to the Traffic Management Board to auction the vehicles to recover uncollected penalties resulting from the unclaimed vehicles.

Still, Jongoy said the city’s traffic office is considering giving the owners enough time to redeem their vehicles.

“We will notify them that if they fail to do so, their vehicles will be forfeited, then we will proceed with the public auction,” Jongoy said.

“The office has just completed the first step of the auction process, that is, with the recently concluded inventory,” he added.

According to the data from the CCTO they have seized 1,628 motorcycles, 1,179 trikes, 20 bicycles, 169 four-wheeled vehicles, and seven trailer vans from 2011-2021.

“Once we have their approval and directives then we will proceed,” he said.

Jongoy explained that car owners have to pay fines for their violations and storage fees to claim the impounded vehicles.

The storage fee is P100 per day for two-wheeled vehicles, P200 per day for four-wheeled vehicles, and P500 per day for trucks and trailers.

They also have to clear any other pending violations related to their vehicles before getting them back.