Allianz PNB Life pushes health plan 

A recent study published by Allianz PNB Life said that only 22% of Filipinos can say they are fully prepared for a medical emergency like cancer, heart disease, kidney disease, and dengue.  

“In the Philippines, the protection gap remains at trillions of pesos. A single crisis like cancer could instantly cost a family no less than Php 300,000 and lead to eventual financial ruin, which shouldn’t be the case when flexible and viable coverage plans are widely available,” said Alex Grenz, Allianz PNB Life chief executive officer. “Inadequate coverage remains a common problem that only worsens in the time of COVID-19.” 

Allianz PNB Life offers Allianz Well!, a health plan that covers vaccination and treatment for coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) and P100 million for in-patient hospitalization, one of the highest limit-plans in the market today. There’s also eAZy Health, an affordable and renewable option that offers life, accident, and disability benefits along with more comprehensive coverage for critical illnesses, including cancer.  For more information, visit