Davao de Oro dressing plant operational by Oct. 

CONSTRUCTION of a P135-million dressing plant in Davao de Oro, the first in the province, is seen to be completed by September or October, according to a local official.  

The dressing plant will have an initial capacity of 3,500 birds per hour, and the volume is expected to increase to 6,000 birds per hour within five years, Provincial Veterinarian Rolando S. Simene said.   

That is one of the investments that I am very optimistic will bring development in the poultry industry in our region because with that capacity that I mentionedthe target is millions of heads every year,he said.  

Mr. Simene said the plant will not be limited to poultry farmers from Davao de Oro, but will also be open to those from neighboring provinces like Surigao and Agusan. 

Last year, Trade and Industry Provincial Director Lucky Siegfred M. Balleque announced that the provincial government is promoting poultry raising in communities to ensure stable supply for the dressing plant.  

Davao de Oros poultry raisers currently ship their goods more than 100 kilometers to Davao Citys dressing plants. 

Meanwhile, Mr. Simene said only one municipality still has positive cases of African Swine Fever (ASF), and they are now working towards having the province declared as a green zoneor free from the virus.  

The province of Davao de Oro is eyeing a green zone status from the virus, according to an official.

We still have quarantine measures with the barangay to make sure the virus does not get out or spread to other areas,he said.   

Preparations are also underway to revive the swine sector in the province through repopulation, he added. Maya M. Padillo