Israeli Prime Minister to undergo hernia surgery under anesthesia

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu was diagnosed during a routine checkup Saturday night, it was revealed. After consulting with his doctors, it was decided the best way forward was to surgically repair the hernia at a hospital Sunday night. The operation will be performed under full anesthesia, and Netanyahu will be unconscious during the procedure, the office said. During this time, Yariv Levin, deputy prime minister and minister of justice, will serve as the acting prime minister of Israel. No further details about Netanyahu’s diagnosis were immediately provided. Doctors for the 74-year-old have said he is in good health, and he has kept a full schedule throughout Israel’s nearly six-month war against Hamas. Last year, Netanyahu underwent surgery to have a gallbladder removed following a health scare. Last week, Netanyahu canceled a delegation of top Israeli officials’ trip to Washington after the Biden administration did not veto a U.N. resolution calling for a cease-fire in Gaza and setting a condition that Hamas release all hostages first. The prime minister issued an ultimatum to the U.S., warning that he would cancel the meeting if the U.S. did not veto Monday’s U.N. resolution. The U.S. abstained rather than vetoing, allowing the resolution to pass. The Biden administration insists its support for Israel has not changed since the Hamas terror attack Oct. 7.’ Anders Hagstrom contributed to this report.