Large billboard collapse in Mumbai suburb kills at least 14 people

A large billboard collapsed onto a group of pedestrians late Monday evening, killing at least 14 people and injuring 74 others, officials said. According to city officials, a 100-foot-tall billboard fell onto a gas station in the suburb of Ghatkopar in Mumbai on Monday evening. At least 47 people were rescued late into the night. The collapse took place during a thunderstorm which included heavy rain and high winds. City officials blamed the turbulent weather for the deadly collapse: “Yesterday (13 May) evening, in the Chheda Nagar area of Ghatkopar, a tragic incident occurred due to speedy winds, resulting in the collapse of a hoarding.” A rescue operation continued into Tuesday morning for those people who may still be trapped. “Medical treatment is currently being provided to 44 injured individuals, with 31 already discharged after receiving treatment. Unfortunately, 14 people succumbed to death in this mishap,” officials said. Police are investigating the collapse and say the billboard may have been improperly installed, according to the Press Trust of India news agency. India often experiences heavy rain and severe floods, especially during its monsoon season that typically stretches from June to September. This season brings most of India’s annual rainfall. The rain is crucial for agriculture but often causes extensive damage.