MLB, MLBPA unlikely to discuss economic issues before 2022

There apparently will be no Christmas miracle for baseball fans hoping for a quick resolution to the game’s latest labor strife.

On Wednesday night, The Athletic reported that Major League Baseball (MLB) players and owners are not expected to discuss core economic issues until January. Both MLB and the MLB Players Association (MLBPA) are scheduled to meet Thursday to discuss non-core economic issues.

The business of baseball has been on pause since Dec. 2, when owners locked out players following the expiration of the previous collective bargaining agreement.

It does not appear that either side is in a hurry to get a deal in place.

A source from the players’ union told The Athletic that the union has not heard from the league regarding any core economic issues since the beginning of the lockout.

At the same time, The Athletic reported, the union has not reached out to owners about any of those issues either. — Reuters