Power lines electrocute eight wild buffaloes in Kenya

Eight wild buffaloes walked into low-lying power lines in and were electrocuted, the national wildlife agency said Friday.The incident happened at the known for its diverse wildlife species, the Kenya Wildlife Service said.The power lines had fallen close to the ground after a wooden support pole broke. The country’s power distribution company has begun replacing the pole with a metallic one, the wildlife service said.Experts have previously raised concern over the risk of being electrocuted by power lines.In 2021, two giraffes were electrocuted when they walked into low-lying electric power transmission lines at the Soysambu Conservancy in western Kenya. Experts at the time said advice was ignored, leading to the deaths.Also on Friday, President William Ruto announced plans to construct a 62-mile electric fence in Lariak Forest in Laikipia county to prevent elephants from encroaching into neighboring farms.