Protesters could face deportation over anti-Israel demos

Nine European citizens are facing deportation from Greece following disruptive anti-Israel demonstrations held on a Greek university campus last month.

Those awaiting deportation include citizens from Germany, Britain, France, Italy, and Spain. They are part of a group of 28 individuals, both Greek and non-Greek, detained under charges of disrupting public services and aiding in damage to foreign property, as per court documents.

The protestors maintain their innocence.

Evidence cited by the prosecution includes leaflets, , two smoke flares, gas masks, helmets, paint cans, and banner poles. Additionally, the documents mention a statement posted online in both Greek and English encouraging further participation in the demonstrations.

While the Greek demonstrators were released last Tuesday pending their trial, the nine foreign nationals (one male, eight females; ages 22 to 33) are in custody as an administrative decision regarding their deportation has yet to be made.

Their legal counsel has declared the issuance of deportation orders, which would prevent the defendants from attending their trial, in a statement.

Lawyers Ioanna Sioupouli and Anny Paparoussou have shared that their clients, who reside and work within Greece, are planning to appeal. Lawyer Vassilis Papadopoulos, representing a 33-year-old Spaniard, condemned the decision as “arbitrary and unlawful.”

In 2019, the conservative government of Greece repealed a law that barred police from entering universities, citing its use as a cover for unlawful activities.

Demonstrations in solidarity with Palestinians have become commonplace in Greece in response to the ongoing conflict in Gaza.