Senate bill sets two-hour limit to critical infra emergency response

A BILL mandating a response to critical infrastructure emergency requests within two hours has been filed at the Senate.  

Under Senate Bill 1882, any provider of critical infrastructure services that fail to comply within the required time period will be fined by at most P1 million per violation. 

Critical infrastructure is vulnerable to various threats, including natural disasters, accidents, cyberattacks, and intentional acts of violence,Senator Rafael RaffyT. Tulfo said under the bills explanatory note.  

The measure defines critical infrastructure as physical and cyber systems and assets that are essential to the functioning of a society and economy.  

It includes facilities, networks, and systems that support key services such as power generation and distribution, water supply, transportation, communications, healthcare, and financial services.   

Emergency requests refer to those that pose a danger to life, limb, property or those that require immediate attention to prevent further damage.  

Disruptions to critical infrastructure can have significant consequences which can negatively impact public safety, national security, and the overall well-being of the population,Mr. Tulfo said.   

If passed, appropriate government agencies must issue rules and regulations for the implementation of the bill. Alyssa Nicole O. Tan