Stuff to do (02/26/21)

Cinemalaya exhibit catalog launch

THE CULTURAL Center of the Philippines (CCP) launches a publication entitled Scenes Reclaimed: CCP 50 x Cinemalaya 15 on Feb. 25, 5 p.m., via FB Live at The catalog launch is in line with its 2019 exhibition “Scenes Reclaimed: CCP 50 x Cinemalaya 15,” a joint project of the CCP Film, Broadcast and New Media Division and the CCP Visual Arts and Museum Division. Through images, objects, and motion pictures, the exhibit looked at “independent” cinema in view of historical pursuits of freedom in the national narrative. This book, apart from serving as a catalog of the exhibit, is also educational material for Filipino students and makers of film, a compendium of keywords for a critical pedagogy of Philippine cinema. “Scenes Reclaimed” can be viewed at the third floor of the CCP Main Theater building in the 360 tour on the CCP website. Scenes Reclaimed: CCP 50 x Cinemalaya 15 will be made available after the launch through the CCP Shop. CCP offers a 24-hour flash sale at P200 as launch price, and also P200 as exclusive price for Film Society Members. To purchase, visit or e-mail

Kabataan Gitarista recital

CELEBRATE National Arts Month with classical guitar music in the Kabataang Gitarista Special Recital on Feb. 27,  3 p.m., streamed live for free via the Cultural Center of the Philippines (CCP) Arts Education Department and Kabataang Gitarista Facebook pages. The recital will feature 19 members of Kabataang Gitarista (KG) from junior and senior high schools, and those already in college taking classical guitar as a degree course in colleges of music as scholars. The students who come from high schools in Manila, Pasay and Parañaque receive free classical guitar training through the support of sponsors.

James Reid holds virtual concert

JAMES Reid will star in a virtual concert, TaskUs Dibs: James Reid, on Feb. 26, which officially marks the launch of TaskUs’s newest site in Tagbilaran City, Bohol. The digital event will be streamed via TaskUs’s social media accounts starting 6 p.m. Mr. Reid is expected to perform his hit songs “I Know You Care,” “16B,” and “Fiend.” Ten TaskUs teammates and applicants will be given the chance to meet and greet the singer virtually after the concert. The tech-enabled business services company TaskUs partnered with Mr. Reid for this virtual concert to celebrate the company’s ninth site in the country, among others globally. Launching this month, the Bohol site will begin 100% work-from-home using Cirrus, TaskUs’s remote work model. To learn more about TaskUs, visit or the following social media accounts: Facebook:; Instagram:; LinkedIn:; and, Twitter:

Webinar series for new pet parents

NEW pet owners or those who need to brush up on their pet care skills can join Royal Canins “Start of Life” webinar series. The first webinar,Royal Beginnings: Kickstarting Your Puppy’s Best Life,” will be a virtual walkthrough of the key golden moments and milestones of a puppy’s first year of life and how to enjoy each stage of their growth. The webinar will be shown on Royal Canin’s Facebook page (@RoyalCaninPH) on Feb. 26, at 2 p.m. Stephanie Zubiri will host the webinar, with speakers like singer Moira Dela Torre, Dr. Ed Unson of Animal House Veterinary Clinic, Professional Breeder Meg Laudit, and Dr. Kitsie Torres of Royal Canin. They will each discuss key golden moments of your new puppy’s life from puppy-proofing your home, buying the right gear, how to train and socialize them, to vaccinations and nutrition. Another webinar, “Royal Beginnings: Kickstarting Your Kitten’s Best Life,” on March 12 at 2 p.m. will be hosted by Janeena Chan and will cover the same lineup of topics — preparing your home to socializing your new kitten and how to develop a bond with them. Learn from speakers like Francis Bonnevie, Dr. Kitsie Torres, Dr. Norbert Robles, and Maureen Wroblewitz. For more information and updates, visit Royal Canin’s Facebook page at

Netflix introduces Downloads For You

THREE years ago, Netflix introduced Smart Downloads so viewers could find the next episode of their favorite show even when they were on the go. Now, Netflix is launching Downloads For You, a new feature that automatically downloads recommended shows or movies to one’s mobile device based on their tastes. It takes two steps to opt in: the customer goes to the Downloads tab on their mobile device and toggles on Downloads For You; then they choose the amount of content they want downloaded to their device (1GB, 3GB, or 5GB) and click Turn On. The more space allowed, the more recommendations Netflix will download for you. The feature is available on Android globally.

Electronic producer Chromance teams up with Momoland

HIT producer Chromance and K-Pop girl group Momoland teamed up for the reimagining of the former’s worldwide smash “Wrap Me In Plastic.” The collaboration came about as Chromance wanted to build on to the global success of “Wrap Me In Plastic” in South Korea and started to dig into the world of K-Pop, and immediately took an interest in Momoland’s musical and visual style. Simultaneously, Momoland had noticed the success of “Wrap Me In Plastic” in Asia and found the single to be such a perfect match for them. They reached out to Chromance who was instantly into the idea of collaborating. An official video accompanies the release on MLD Entertainment’s YouTube channel, with both Momoland and Chromance present in the video. In addition to this, a full choreography music video will simultaneously be released on B1-owned YouTube channel Marvellous. Both videos feature a new TikTok dance, performed by Momoland and part of the #WrapMeInMomoland challenge on TikTok. “Wrap Me In Plastic” is out now all digital streaming platforms worldwide via B1 Recordings/SME Korea and Sony Music.

Sam Fischer, Demi Lovato in ‘What Other People Say’ music video

FOLLOWING the release of their new single “What Other People Say” through RCA Records, Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato have released the official video, which is available to watch now. Directed by Dano Cerny, the video features Fischer and Lovato in a train carriage going about their own lives, but with a unity of emotion that highlights the song’s message of being alone together. Written by Fischer before his single “This City” became a global hit, it was a song he always knew would be a duet and Lovato became the perfect person to accompany him on vocals. Sam Fischer and Demi Lovato’s ““What Other People Say” is now available on YouTube and other video-sharing platforms via RCA Records and Sony Music.

Up Dharma Down the focus of new Muni-Muni podcast

FILIPINAS Heritage Library and the OPM (Original Pilipino Music) Archive present  episode 10 of MUNI-MUNI STORIES: A Podcast on Filipino Music. The episode, which will be released on Feb. 26, 6 p.m., focuses on the band Up Dharma Down. Four songs, each from a separate album by the group, are this episode’s core: “Oo,” “Silid,” “Tadhana,” and “Crying Season.” Band members discuss what shaped their albums and curating track lists. Recalling their influences, the band members open a window into the music scene’s mid-2000s rebirth. They look back on soundtracks of the sawi, the heartbroken, and on their role as trailblazers in creating synth-heavy tunes. Muni-Muni Stories can be found on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. For updates regarding the episode upload schedules, visit Filipinas Heritage Library and the OPM Archive.