Test run for Commonwealth Ave. exclusive motorcycle lane starts March 9

A DRY run for the implementation of an exclusive motorcycle lane along Commonwealth Avenue in Quezon City starts March 9, the Metropolitan Manila Development Authority (MMDA) announced on Wednesday.  

“The dry run is meant to familiarize motorcycle riders traversing Commonwealth Avenue on the said policy. We will have a full deployment of MMDA traffic enforcers and we will be assisted by the local government of Quezon City,” MMDA Acting Chairman Romando S. Artes said in a statement.  

“No motorists will be apprehended during the duration of the dry run which will start tomorrow until next Sunday, March 19,he said.   

The dedicated lane for motorbikes is the third lane from the sidewalk, spanning between the Elliptical Road and Doña Carmen Avenue on both sides of the highway.  

Commonwealth Ave., which has been referred to as the Philippines’ “killer highway,is 12.4 kilometers long, with the number of lanes varying from six to 18.    

Mr. Artes said the motorcycle lane scheme is intended to prevent fatal road crashes and improve traffic flow along the countrys widest thoroughfare.  

There was an average of five motorcycle-related crash incidents along the avenue in 2022, according to MMDA. Of the 1,686 total, 13 were fatal, 930 resulted in non-fatal injuries, and 743 caused damage to property.   

Full implementation of the motorcycle lane policy starts March 20, and violators will have to pay a fine of P500.