14 nabbed in tigbakay in upland Cebu City

AT LEAST 14 gamblers were apprehended for patronizing illegal cockfight (tigbakay) in the mountain barangay of Paril in Cebu City.

The raid was conducted by the operatives of the Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) Cebu City Field Unit and the Cebu City Police Office at 4:30 p.m. on Friday, February 24, 2023.

Those arrested were Danilo Sanrojo Clarus, 57 years old, Ronie Sanchez Tudtud (71), Discoro Bullecer Limpag (56), Teodoro Lanyohan Gerebese (58), Bonifacio Ragasa Alfante (64), Cisenio Menardo Johnson (56), Leonardo Dapat Gomez (50), Antonio Urna Quimay (60), Benedicto Puebla Narvasa (41), Candido Lawas Capute (48), Marwin Arcella Cobrador (27), Fernando Arcilla Soten (54), Pancresio Tapia Pitogo Jr. (38), and Mario Atuel Cerojano (55).

The suspects were from the different Cebu City barangays, including Paril, Cambinocot, Agsongot and Lusaran, as well as Compostela town in the north and Asturias in midwest Cebu.

Police Lieutenant Colonel Randy Korret of the CIDG Cebu City Field Unit led the anti-illegal gambling operation after receiving reports that the tigbakay was taking place without a permit at an improvised cockpit arena in the area.

Around 50 individuals inside the arena fled in all different directions when the police announced a raid while the cockfighting was still going on.

But there were 14 people who failed to run and were apprehended by the police.

Seized during the raid were two fighting cocks – one dead and one injured – with combat blades still on their feet and P5,000 bet money.

Korret said the operation is part of their “Oplan Bolilyo” campaign to combat illegal gambling, including online sabong.

He added that according to their source, the tigbakay in the barangay is popular during Saturdays and Sundays.

Charges in violation of Presidential Decree (PD) 449 or Anti-illegal Cockfighting as amended by PD 1602 will be filed against the suspect on Monday, February 27. (AYB, TPT)