8 traffic enforcers recognized for selfless deeds

EIGHT traffic enforcers of the City of Talisay Traffic Operations and Development Authority (CTTODA) were recongnized by Mayor Gerald Anthony “Samsam” Gullas Jr. after they performed selfless deeds, including stopping criminals in their tracks.

Gullas recognized the eight enforcers during a meeting with them in his office on Friday, July 2, 2021.

Gullas said he recognized the traffic enforcers not just for their work manning the city’s streets but also for deeds that they were known for.

Gullas gave recognition to traffic enforcers Romeo dela Cerna, Ian Villaflores, Jade Culango, Ivan Necessario, Eduardo Alega, Santiago Labagala, Michael Basalo and Jemuel “Jimrex Jaca” Divino.

Dela Cerna was recognized for returning a wallet filled with cash to its owner.

Villaflores was recognnized after he attempted to stop an erring motorcycle driver along the Laray Junction at the Cebu South Coastal Road (CSCR). The driver reportedly ignored Villaflores and attempted to leave hastily, resulting in the traffic enforcer getting hurt in the process.

Culango and Necessario helped in stopping one of two motorcycle-riding snatchers who attempted to escape through the CSCR.

Alega, who is CTTODA’s patrol driver, was recognized for helping out motorists whose vehicles got bogged down along the highway.

Like Dela Cerna, Labagala was recognized for returning an envelope containing P8,000 to its owner after finding it in a mall in Barangay Tabunok.

Like Alega, Basalo was also recognized for assisting motorists whose vehicles broke down in the middle of the road by pushing them away from traffic.

Divino, a former boxer, was recognized for helping police arrest a man whom he caught carrying a knife while onboard his motorcycle.

“Di gyud lalim ang gibuhat sa mga CTTODA tungod kay ma ulan o init man, kanunay silang naa sa dalan aron lang gyud mahapsay ang traffic sa atong dakbayan (Our CTTODA enforcers’ work is not easy as they have to work, whether rain or shine, just to keep our roads free from heavy traffic). And aside from their traffic work, they also selflessly extended their helping hand to others even if this meant risking their lives,” Gullas added. (JKV, PR)