Bullying drives teenager to stab his mentally disabled mom to death

BULLYING by his friends and classmates drove a 19-year-old teenager to kill his mentally disabled mother inside their house in Sitio Dumlog, Barangay Simala, Sibonga town, southern Cebu on Tuesday night, May 4, 2022.Police arrested Angelo Bacaltos, 19, after he admitted to stabbing his mother, Julieta, 51, to death inside their house.Master Staff Sgt. Gerardo Abad, an investigator for the Sibonga Police Station, said Julieta’s live-in partner, Allan Lariosa, 54, discovered his wife’s body inside their house at around 7:30 a.m. on Wednesday, May 4.A single stab wound was found on Julieta’s chest.Lariosa told police that he last saw his wife on Tuesday night while he was delivering dinner for her at their house.Lariosa then left their house an hour later so that he can participate in fiesta activities in Barangay Guiwanon, Argao town which is just a few minutes away from their village.When Lariosa returned home at around 12 midnight of Wednesday, he immediately went to sleep at their living room without checking on Julieta. He initially thought that his wife was just sleeping in their room at that time.At around 7 a.m., Angelo came in to their house to bring in breakfast and called up his mother to eat but she never responded.Lariosa recalled telling Angelo to just save some breakfast for his mother as she was still sleeping at that time. Angelo eventually decided to return to his grandparents’ house where he and his siblings lived.Lariosa decided to check on Julieta at around 7:30 a.m. after she never responded to his calls to eat. As he checked his wife’s room, Lariosa found Bacaltos lying on her folding bed, covered in her own blood.Lariosa immediately sought his neighbors’ help to bring his wife to the hospital.Emergency responders attempted to revive Julieta but she eventually died due to the loss of blood.Abad said Lariosa and Angelo were brought to the town’s police station for questioning.It was during police interrogation when Angelo admitted to investigators that he killed his mother.According to police, Angelo said he decided to kill his mother as he had gotten tired of her allegedly violent psychological episodes.Angelo told police that his mother’s mental disability had led him to be bullied by his classmates and friends.Abad said Angelo will be facing a parricide case following his admission.For Lariosa, he couldn’t help but shed tears for not just for his wife, but also for his son. He had never thought that Angelo could commit the crime. (GDC)