Cebu City sees increase in vaccination registrants

WHILE the number of individuals registered online for the Covid-19 vaccination program in Cebu City is increasing, the vaccine supply in the city is running low.

Based on the latest inventory of the Cebu City Health Department (CHD), there are only around 4,000 doses of AstraZeneca remaining, intended for the first dose.

However, this did not worry CHD officer in charge Jeffrey Ibones as he was told by the Department of Health (DOH) that more Covid-19 vaccine doses will arrive in the city within June.

The remaining doses of AstraZeneca vaccines may last only until next week.

“According to the DOH, there will be vaccines that will arrive this month, but as to what brand and when they will be delivered to the city, we don’t know yet,” said Ibones in Cebuano.

There are now more than 150,000 individuals who have registered in the city’s Covid-19 vaccination program.

During the budget hearing on June 4, Ibones told the Cebu City Council that the concern now is on the vaccine allocation.

“The problem is on the (supply of the) vaccines. Many want to get vaccinated, but we are also bound by the guidelines of the Department of Health,” said Ibones.

Ibones said he was assured by the DOH Central Visayas officials that there would be vaccines coming.

“They said they can provide it every week as long as there is a master list. The question is when taman (the supply would last),” he said.

Ibones also told the members of the Cebu City Council that there are now more than 47,600 individuals vaccinated with the first dose, while 11,447 completed the vaccination after receiving their second and final dose.

In an interview after the budget hearing, Ibones advised those who missed their vaccination schedule to still visit the vaccination site and bare their reasons to them. (JJL)