Cebu’s first bespoke shop finally opens

“Never mess with a guy wearing a suit,” is a saying that rings true to the heart of every gentleman.

For every respectable man, there is always one piece that one must have in their closet at all times: a well-tailored suit. Look no further as Omerta Bespoke has finally settled on Cebuano shores as the first-ever bespoke shop to grace the province with its grand opening on Feb. 26 at Streetscape Mall, Cebu City.

If you’ve delved into the world of the mafia or if you’re a fan of mafia films like “The Godfather” or “Kingsman,” you are most likely familiar with the practice called “Omerta.” It is a widely used Sicilian term in the mafia that means “code of silence.” The name was inspired by the owners’ love and interest in mafias portrayed in films, and they wanted to exude that aura into the store and the products they offer.

Omerta’s business partner, Chase Cokaliong, explained: “We wanted to give off that ‘Kingsman’ vibe. The way we picture it is the old-school mafia suits. There’s a certain level of respect, and that is what we want to achieve.”

John Aaron Reconquista, Omerta’s master tailor, has a different take on the brand’s name. He shares that the code of silence is parallel to how his love and passion for fashion grew into a successful business venture—quietly hustling and creating suits made for the sophisticated gentleman.

“We started out our bespoke suits in silence. I got into a deeper understanding of bespoke suits and studied how they were made. Eventually, we started selling bespoke suits at a lower price compared to our competitors. In silence, we did that, and it clicked, and we decided to open our own branch and call it Omerta,” he said.

Cebu’s first bespoke shop is indeed a league of its own. Other than being the first of its kind in the province, it also pays homage and respect to the traditional methods of tailoring, which give a certain element of elegance and refinement to the wearer.

Omerta’s business partner, Brian Llamanzares, explains that bespoke is a whole different level of artistry in contrast to the regular tailoring that people are familiar and accustomed to.

“It is the attention to detail. From the way the sleeves are cut, the way the pockets are designed, it’s very important to have a tailor that studies the trends and studies the history behind the suits, and that’s what develops the quality that we have,” said Llamanzares.

“One of the important things here is we want to make sure that we pay proper respect to the history of tailoring. There is a school of tradition that falls into suit making, which we have to respect,” he added.

Other than offering high-quality bespoke suits, Omerta also offers perfumes, vintage watches, and bespoke shoes to complete every gentleman’s look and lifestyle, and give them that sharp, sophisticated look for every occasion.

Cebuanos can now get a taste of elegance and finesse through the products that this store has for its clients. Whether you are going for that old-school mafia look or you want to simply look sharp for any special occasion, Omerta has everything down to a tee.