Celebrating National Eyewear Day: Some icons known for their eyewear

The world has come a long way since treating eyewear as strictly “medical devices.” Today, it has become a strong fashion statement which makes or breaks one’s look or personality.June 6 is recognized as “National Eyewear Day.” Today, we take a look at some of the real-life and fictional personalities whose eyewear choice contributed a lot to their character.Tom Cruise in “Top Gun”For fans of the American action drama film, Tom Cruise’s character, Pete “Maverick” Mitchell, has iconically worn the Ray-Ban Aviator Classic sunglasses. He wore it in the 1986 film, and it still makes an appearance in the 2022 film. Here’s a fun fact. After the movie’s release in 1986, sales of Aviator sunglasses increased by 40 percent.John Lennon of “The Beatles”Round frames for this rocker—and the rest is history. John Lennon had struggled with near-sightedness even during his youth and had refused to wear glasses. In 1967, Lennon wore the signature round wire glasses for his appearance in the British black comedy film, “How I Won The War.” Lennon is considered as one of the pioneers which started the trend of wearing “eyewear” as fashion pieces.Álvaro Morte in “Money Heist”Aside from the wildly popular Salvador Dali masks and the red jumpsuits used all throughout the five seasons of “Money Heist,” one fashion item that remains notably iconic is the eyeglasses Álvaro Morte—who plays Sergio Marquina aka “The Professor—wears. The Persol aviators he wears helps the character exude intelligence and wit. The final season would give viewers a clue why these spectacles are central to Marquina’s character development.Marilyn MonroeThe American actress and model is considered as one of the most important figures in Hollywood history. Not only was she a celebrated sex symbol back in the ‘60s but she was also an inspiration for the average, hardworking American. Monroe was undoubtedly one of her generation’s fashion icons, and her timeless look with cat eye eyeglasses and sunglasses is one that is ingrained in the hearts and minds of many up until the present day.Bono of U2The Irish rock vocalist-activist did not start his musical career wearing sunglasses. However, he started wearing sunglasses all the time—even during concerts—and it became an integral part of his look. An iconic photograph taken in 1999 shows Bono giving up his glasses to no other than Pope John Paul II. According to the frontman, his eyewear are not mere fashion pieces: “I have glaucoma,” he told British talk show host Graham Norton in 2014. He added that he’s struggled with it “for the last 20 years.”