City Execs want to declare April 7 as ‘Rajah Humabon day’

RAJAH Humabon, who was known to have welcomed Spanish explorers to Cebu 500 years ago may soon get a day and a street named after him.

Cebu City officials said part of their plan is to declare every 7th of April as “Rajah Humabon Day” and to rename one street in the city after the 15th century chieftain.

Vice Mayor Michael Rama disclosed the matter during a wreath-laying ceremony in honor of Rajah Humabon at Plaza Hamabar on Wednesday, April 7, 2021.

Aside from the wreath-laying, city officials led by Mayor Edgardo Labella and Rama also unveiled a historical marker commemorating the 500th anniversary of the historic voyage of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan.

Officials of the National Historical Commission (NHC) and the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), and Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino were present during the unveiling of the market.

Rama, who also chairs the city’s Cultural and Historical Affairs Commission (CHAC), urged the public not to forget the past as a way to move forward towards the future.

“Never destroy what will remember the past, for you are a contributor to the extinction of humanity,” Rama added.

The CHAC is set to submit a resolution to the City Council on their plans to remember Rajah Humabon.

Humabon was the Rajah of Cebu when Magellan arrived in the country in 1521.

Along with his wife and subjects, Humabon was baptized by the Spanish explorers and was christened “Carlos” in honor of King Charles I of Spain. (PAC / JKV)