Cold nights are coming: 3 contemporary romance books to start the ‘Ber’ months

In the Philippines, Christmas celebrations start in September. This might seem absurd as Christmas Day is still months away. But as Filipinos love a long celebration, Christmas in September has become more than a meme—it’s become tradition.For bookworms out there, it is time to get into the “Ber” month spirit by curling up with a good book that will get you into the season. Immerse and indulge yourself in another world and immerse in the holiday vibes that these titles carry:“One Day in December” by Joie SilverFate has a terrible but interesting way of messing with people, but you haven’t seen it on a whole other level of messy like how it’s done in this book. Laurie does not believe in love at first sight but the moment she locks eyes with a handsome stranger on her way home, she swore it was magic. Since then, she has been scanning every bus stop and café that she could lay her eyes onto hoping that fate might be kinder to her for a second time around. However, her flatmate and best friend introduced to her the boyfriend that she so desperately wants her to be best friends with. The universe responded to her in the worst way possible. Situated in Central London, this story has all the charm and sends you into a whirling romance that is one for the books.“The Mistletoe Motive” by Chloe LieseIf you are a big fan of the enemies-to-lovers trope, then this is the book for you. Gabriella De Natale loves Christmas but her co-worker Jonathan Frost is adamant to show her that he thinks otherwise. Working together in a small bookstore and always in each other’s throats for the past month, it almost seems like nothing can break off the icy tension between them. When the news came that the bookstore was struggling to keep the business afloat and budget cuts were soon to be made, only one of them gets to stay. Filled with a lot of Christmas and hot peppermint chocolate drinks, this book will get you into the holiday spirit.“A Court of Thorns of Roses” series by Sarah J. MaasThis fantasy series is a cult favorite in BookTok and has gained traction since it’s been constantly talked about on the internet. This three-part series will get you biting your nails, screaming, face palming and swooning all throughout. The amazing worldbuilding of the city Vilaris is something that readers will take away and one that they will always find a sense of comfort in. Apart from the thrilling romance, there are action-packed scenes that are sure to get your imagination whirling into a whole different place that you have never been before.Get hooked into Feyre’s life story and allow yourself to delve into the world of the Faes.