CVFA U-19 team booters compete in CVFA U-20 Invitational Cup

THE Central Visayas Football Association (CVFA) U-19 team will play in a series of matches in the three-day CVFA U-20 Invitational Cup starting Aug. 4 at the Dynamic Herb-Borromeo Sports Complex in Talisay City, Cebu.CVFA will compete against three U-20 teams: Forza FC, Negros United and Bohol U-20.CVFA faces Forza FC at 9 a.m. on Aug. 4, then take on Negros United on Aug. 5, and finally against Bohol U-20 on Aug. 6.The CVFA U-19 squad is preparing for the final stage of the Philippine Football Federation (PFF) U-19 National Championship Division 2 on Aug. 23-27. CVFA is looking to be promoted to the First Division by winning the Visayas-Mindanao finals.The CVFA U-19 squad is coached by head coach Glen Ramos, assistant coach Jinggoy Roa, goalkeeping coach Garry Garciano and assistant goalkeeping coach Jojo Tapia. The team manager is Jhojo Partosa, Mark Uy is the team physical therapist and Chad Songalia is the team coordinator.The squad is comprised of Jonathan Pacaldo, Mark Mayor, Simon Del Campo, John Largdao, Nathan Lingatong, Edgar Paredes III, Zraim Ebrada, Eugene Tillor, Uriel Villacarlos, Bebong Lamparas, Matthew Suico, Carsten Pumareja, Ludwig Badayos, Richard Songalia, Joseph Garces, Gianrenzo Custado, Kyrell Bangot, Stephen Soria, Frances Vercide, Paul Mapula, Mark Zafra, Yoji Selman and Keenen Cergneux.