DA ‘strongly’ supports Capitol in fight against swine diseases

THE Department of Agriculture (DA) 7 has expressed its support to the Cebu Provincial Government in addressing swine diseases.

In a press statement on Friday, March 17, 2023, the DA 7 said it shares the Capitol’s goal of protecting the province’s hog industry, especially the welfare and livelihood of the swine farmers.

It committed to provide resources to the Provincial Government to mitigate the impact of the African swine fever (ASF) and prevent the spread of the virus.

The DA 7 also said that it has acted on latest swine disease affecting Cebu.

“While we are doing this as a response to the situation, we, on the other hand, appreciate and respect the Provincial Government’s scientific response in the management of such virus to the immediate resolution of the case in the Province,” the statement read.

In the southwestern town of Barili, residents were told they were still allowed to slaughter pigs provided the animals were raised in their own backyard or within their respective barangays.

On its social media page, the local government unit said anyone who wants to buy hogs from another barangay with the intention of slaughtering it must first secure a permit from the barangay where the animal is from to make sure it does not have the deadly ASF.

Mayor Pablo John Garcia IV instructed his constituents to separate the pig if it appears weak and immediately report it to the Municipal Hall. Garcia had previously gathered the village chiefs of the 42 barangays for a meeting where they agreed to closely monitor the movement of hogs in the town.

Among the concerns discussed during the meeting were the prohibition on the sale of pigs at the Mantalongon Livestock Market in Barili, pig swill feeding and the entry of pigs from other places.

As town officials address the ASF situation, Barili residents are also waiting for the vaccines promised by Gov. Gwendolyn Garcia, especially for pigs that have hog cholera. (ANV, TPT)