Davide to Cebu residents: Don’t be picky on Covid-19 vaccines

CEBU Vice Gov. Hilario “Junjun” Davide III encouraged his constituents to get vaccinated and avoid choosing particular vaccine brands.

Davide gave the reaction after reading SunStar Cebu’s report that some residents in Asturias town are refusing to get vaccinated as the town’s vaccination personnel are using the China-based Sinovac vaccine to inoculate the residents.

Davide on Monday, Sept. 20, 2021, urged his constituents to not pick on vaccine brands especially now that majority of those who recently died of Covid-19 or were suffering from severe symptoms were unvaccinated.

“I’m encouraging our constituents to get vaccinated as soon as possible. Let’s not be picky when it comes to vaccine brands. Though its true that it will not fully protect us from Covid-19, but it will protect us from death and severe symptoms,” Davide said in Cebuano.

Last week, Asturias Mayor Antonio Pintor told SunStar Cebu that brand preference is one of the challenges that his town’s vaccination efforts are currently facing.

He said some of his constituents prefer to get inoculated with the Pfizer or Johnson & Johnson brands of Covid-19 vaccines.

Due to brand preference in Asturias, at least 90 doses of Sinovac vaccine were at risk of getting spoiled.

As of September 19, the Visayas Vaccination Operations Center recorded a total of 348,383 individuals or 23.30 percent receiving the first jab and 285,152 individuals or 18.99 percent fully vaccinated while a total of 1,501,639 remaining eligible population to be vaccinated in Cebu Province.

As of September 17, Cebu Province logged a total of 2,550 active cases based on Provincial Health Office data, while the Department of Health 7 logged a total of 3,169 active cases for Cebu Province as of September 20, 2021. (MVE)