Developer prepares to construct over 500 stalls in Cabon market

THE Cebu2World Development Inc. (C2W) has begun its preparations for the construction of 544 stalls for ambulant vendors along M.L. Quezon St. within the area of Carbon Public Market in Barangay Ermita, Cebu City.

Market Administrator Irvin Cabales said at least 20 stalls have been voluntarily vacated by their owners as their area will become the model unit of the interim market, which is scheduled to be completed next week.

C2W is a wholly-owned subsidiary of engineering and infrastructure innovator Megawide Construction Corp., which has a joint venture agreement with the Cebu City Government to redevelop the Carbon market.

The affected vendors did not lose their livelihood as they were allowed to continue to sell in a nearby area using the big tent of the Cebu City Government.

Zosimo Potot, president of the Landing Vendors Organization, said they volunteered to demolish their stalls because they trust the Cebu City Government and the Market Operation Division.

Cabales said the model unit stalls for ambulant vendors will be up and running next week, and they will be able to return to the place.

The vendors will not pay for the new stalls. They will only pay the daily excise duty (arkabala) to the market division. (PAC / KAL)