Discover the possibilities of blended Scotch whisky

Already bored of your usual whisky drink? Johnnie Highball Bar is all set to introduce new ways to experience the big, bold flavors of whisky in the Queen City of the South.

Now back in Cebu City, the pop-up bar lights up the grounds of Asmara Urban Resort & Lifestyle Village with a wide selection of highballs, cocktails, and lively performances from homegrown bands and DJs. If you’re looking for ways to escape the hustle and bustle of Cebu’s urban scene, grab a pew and discover the possibilities of blended Scotch whisky and a bar-takeover with Diageo World Class Philippines Bartender of the Year 2022, Claude Delima:

Johnnie and Lime

Guests can savor the smooth and creamy textures of Johnnie Walker Black Label with a citrus twist in the signature Johnnie & Lime highball. Topping the base with lemon or lime soda, give it a good stir and garnish it with a slice of lime, a drink that will leave your taste buds tingling with a citrus caress.

Johnnie Guava Sour

The Guava Sour is a creative twist on the traditional whisky sour with the introduction of guava juice to its mix. For those looking for something bolder and smokier, they can order a classic Old Fashioned or enjoy their whisky on the rocks. Experience a unique touch on your favorite whisky with this concoction from Diageo Reserve World Class Philippine Bartender of the Year 2018 Lester Ligon. As you sip, wait for the magic that slides down your tongue neatly without stinging.

Johnnie & Mango

For its run in Cebu, Johnnie Walker is introducing a new highball inspired by the province’s famous dried mangoes called the Johnnie & Mango. It combines the smoky flavor of Johnnie Walker Black Label with the sweetness of mango, and garnished with dried mango and fresh lemongrass, offering a distinct multi-sensorial experience with every sip.

The Diageo Reserve World Class Filipino Bartender of the Year 2022 winner, Claude Delima, was also recognized for his artistic bartending skills. Time isn’t a constraint, whether you start early or late, Claude said as he introduced “Pagsidlak,” which has the concept of sunrise and sunset. With a hint of pineapple, sugar, and apple cider, Claude’s “Pagsidlak” leaves a memorable impression on every drinker.

Global whisky goes local

According to Merell Betran, marketing manager for culture and advocacy for Diageo Philippines, the Johnnie Highball Bar is envisioned to become a space for communities to come together.

“We want to explore how we could support our partner communities as a meaningful way to reinvigorate social spaces by giving local art and culture a platform, and that’s why we’re so excited to bring in performers from Cebu and Manila as part of our programming for the Johnnie Highball Bar.”

For five weekends, Johnnie Walker has partnered with We Are Your Friends, a local group of DJs hailing from Cebu, to entertain Johnnie Highball Bar patrons with performances every weekend.

Experience new ways to enjoy whisky at the Johnnie Highball Bar, open Monday to Sunday, until March 26, for guests 18 years old and above.