Donaire Jr. insulted, calls off Casimero fight

WORLD Boxing Council (WBC) bantamweight champion Nonito Donaire Jr. apparently pulled out from his all-Filipino world championship unification bout with brash World Boxing Organization (WBO) bantamweight king Johnriel Casimero on Aug. 14 after getting fed up with the antics coming from Casimero’s camp.

The spat between the two camps heated up when Casimero apparently failed to comply with the Vada (Voluntary Anti-Doping Agency) testing, which Donaire Jr.’s camp demanded.

“I am known to take stands people are afraid to take. I stand for Vada 24/7/365 testing for all boxers. This should never be refused or delayed,” Donaire Jr. said on social media.

Casimero, however, has already complied with Donaire Jr.’s demands and is enrolled for VADA testing, which was confirmed by VADA and the WBC.

However, Donaire Jr. took offense the most when Casimero’s camp attacked his wife, Rachel, on social media, which included a lewd act by Casimero’s strength and conditioning coach Memo Heredia.

“I stand against bullying in any form. I stand against the disrespect and abuse of women and children physically, mentally and emotionally. And I stand against misogynistic culture. A grown man recently told the mother of my boys to ‘snack on his ——.’ We cannot ignore this unprofessional behavior. We cannot excuse the disgusting trolling memes created for my wife as ‘just for entertainment.’ I don’t want other pro athletes to cross this line and think this type of behavior is acceptable. We have to maintain a respectable character, especially online, for the future generations to emulate, and not promote ignorance and foul behavior. For the boxing culture to change, promoters and networks should veer away from unacceptable behavior and not encourage it,” said Donaire Jr.

Donaire Jr. and Casimero were supposed to make history in a first ever all-Filipino world title unification bout in boxing. That, however, will unlikely happen.

“That being said, as we’ve stated before, we cancelled this fight when they delayed turning in the Vada paperwork for five days. We have proof that the opposing side was neither honest nor forthcoming in providing the proper information to begin Vada drug testing. After we cancelled the fight, then and only then did the paperwork suddenly appear. I do what I say. And as much as I want to knock him out, I’m going to take the high road and instead of highlighting his misbehavior, I’m not going to give his example the stage or the payday that comes with it,” said Donaire Jr.

Casimero was originally scheduled to face Cuban star Guillermo Rigondeaux. But Al Haymon’s Premier Boxing Champions decided to make it an all-Filipino affair because it was a much more enticing fight. (EKA)