‘Do’s and don’ts’ this summer

THE Cebu City Health Department (CHD) has urged the public to be careful when walking the streets after two individuals were bitten by a dog.

Dr. Jeffrey Ibones, CHD officer-in-charge, asked pet owners to vaccinate their dogs with anti-rabies.

Ibones said bitten individuals should seek immediate medical intervention.

Ibones said the anti-rabies vaccine is free of charge.

He also asked the public to coordinate with their respective barangay halls or health centers.

He reminded pet owners to keep their dogs hydrated.

“Kani atong mga iro, mura ra sad ni sila og tawo. Ato gyud na paimnon og tubig labi na rung ting-init (Our dogs are like human beings. Let them drink water often, especially during summer),” Ibones said.

The CHD also cautioned against skin diseases like heat rashes and ring worms that usually occur during this season. However, these skin conditions are more common in mountain barangays, he said.

Ibones also reminded the public, especially the elderly, to stay hydrated to prevent a stroke.

He said the public should eat healthy food, drink a lot of water, get enough rest and take a bath daily.

He said the public should also limit drinking alcoholic drinks and smoking


“Kung magsige’g puwaw, inom, nya tabako, mo-low ang resistensya (If one always sleeps late, drink liquor and smoke, one’s immunity will weaken),” said Ibones. (JJL)