Esneth Domingo suffers controversial loss in South Africa

ESNETH Domingo becomes the latest Filipino to suffer a decision loss in South Africa.Domingo, who came out guns slinging, failed to convince the judge and lost to world-rated South African Nhlanhla Tyirha at the International Convention Centre in East London on May 29, 2022 (PH time).“You be the judge of that fight. I did my best but maybe in their eyes, I lost,” Esneth told SunStar Cebu.All three South African judges scored the fight in favor of Tyirha with scores of 97-93, 97-93 and 96-94.Esneth’s coach and uncle Michael Domingo felt that they were robbed of a victory, which is something normal in South Africa when the fight goes to the scorecards.“It’s shocking that it was a unanimous decision against Esneth. I think his opponent won only two or three rounds. But I give my props to them for giving us a good fight,” said Michael.The 23-year-old Esneth started out strong and landed with his left hook. He hurt Tyirha with a thudding left hook to the body. But somehow, the 22-year-old South African held on.In the following round, Esneth rocked Tyirha three times with that same left hook but this time to the head. Tyirha, however, weathered the storm and survived the round.“He was about to get knocked out. It was unfortunate that we failed to finish him off,” said Michael. “There were several times that he got groggy but he really knows how to clinch.”Tyirha finally found his rhythm in the sixth round and land a couple of good shots. He was also very slippery which had Esneth hit nothing but air.The next few rounds were very competitive with both boxers each having their moments. Esneth and Tyirha had a good exchange in the final round and traded some heavy blows but both finished the fight on their feet.Esneth suffered his second career defeat and dropped to 16-2 with eight knockouts, while Tyirha improved to 7-1 with two knockouts.Esneth admitted that he still has a lot to learn in his young budding career. He’s looking forward to once again exchanging blows with Tyirha in the near future.