Espina: Hotel and beach activities

The Marco Polo Plaza Cebu has celebrated its Sweet Sixteen anniversary special. Lara Scarrow informed me that room reservations are picking up. The usual dining at Cafe Marco once again is offering delectable meals. I miss the rich breakfasts it offers. Yes, it would also be nice to spend some time again at the hotel lobby which sometimes has soothing music.The fully renovated Be Resort in Lapu-Lapu is a good place to unwind, enjoy swimming and relax while reading a book or chatting with your family.Grand Benedicto did a good job refurbishing the rooms and facilities of Be Resort. Service and food are just right for many guests.Be Resort Bohol is equally fascinating.Come to think of it, maybe we should revisit the natural waters of Mahayahay Beach in Argao, where our heritage house is located close to it.Ah, there are many things we can again do and Cebu has so many places to explore.