Espina: Rise! Bangon! Adelante!

True, after Odette, and still with threats of Covid, there is no way to go but “Rise! Bangon! and Adelante!”And Cebu is responding. Classes are moving toward face-to-face learning sessions. Malls, restos, hotels, resorts and parks are now alive with tourists and locals. Didn’t Rizal speak of our resiliency? Aren’t our Presidential wannabees urging us to rebuild and reform? Presently, we see business recovering, travel agencies offering cruise, leisure and tourism packages, malls and food and beverage outlets with an increased number of clients.There is life after Odette, even while the pandemics are still threats. Above all, it’s our strong faith in God’s Providence, which fires our determination to rise above crises.On top of all these hopeful recoveries, we mourn the loss of our relatives and friends: Tina Benedicto and Bobby Nalzaro.