Espina: Seminars and webinars

The Academe is making up for the learning activities minimized during the pandemic lockdown. Yes, face-to-face sessions are back, but the need for online lessons is still maintained by many schools.

The University of San Jose-Recoletos (USJ-R) Graduate School, whose students come from across the nation and the globe, sustains online research and interactive activities. The same is true for the University of Cebu, University of San Carlos, Cebu State University, University of the Visayas, St. Theresa’s College, and many other colleges mentioned in my previous articles. The topics in many seminars expand to the current multidisciplinary goals of many schools, tackling issues that need academic discussions.

I have accepted the invitation of Dr. Jun Visayas, director of Benedicto College, to conduct a webinar on Social Media Networking, its uses, and issues. This is a relevant topic to share with our students who are deeply engrossed in tri-media, among other news outlets. Any form of learning intervention is helpful with proper knowledge and guidance.

But even outside of the Academe, many socio-civic and business seminars, launching projects, or media have been utilizing many interesting webinars, social networks, and media blitz. With the multiplier effects of social media, the Academe, and the community provide safeguards to protect the integrity and fairness of social media and services.