Eugenio: In our hands

Ever since one was brought into this world, blessings have been showered upon us. Gifts and grace from family and friends are commonly given although not often being recognized by the receiver. Despite gifts being something everyone would like, gifts may not serve us well in the long run. Although many things may come one’s way and negatively affect oneself without knowing it, being aware of anything’s effect helps to manage and maximize no matter what it may bring now or in the future.Finding out what would be harmful to us is as tricky as finding out what would be beneficial. One has to attempt to know, but the attempt itself can sound intimidating. The fear of investing time into something that will hurt you does sound valid, but by knowing one’s Heaven Luck, it can easily be solved. One is able to find the affinity one has towards something by seeing one’s Heaven luck, which in turn, helps one to create smarter and wiser decisions.Heaven Luck is only a portion of what helps us in managing or maximizing; another is Man Luck. While it is true that one can naturally not resonate too well to something, it is possible to get something beneficial from something that was, initially, negative to us. Gaining strength and control from something that hurts us is within our capabilities of people who are ever growing and improving.It’s good to remember that, with the right support and work, anything that has happened to someone can be of some benefit to us with the help of Earth Luck, even the things that damaged us the most. Growing and becoming better and stronger can be an effect of both bad or good moments in life, however, an environment that supports this healthy growth is needed, but often, ignored. By tapping into the right energy with Earth Luck, one is able to be supported and grow larger than the pain one has faced.The Three Factors of Human Success not only tell us how one rises, but how one falls too. What one does and learns about what one has, both physically and mentally, will define us from now. What one has been given can hurt, impede, or delay someone’s growth, but knowing one’s tendencies, capabilities and strengths can mold any pain into growth. Though negativity may be thrown at us or given to us, its lasting impact on you is definitely in your hands to change.