Eugenio: The Movement Clash

HOW’S the month of April going for you so far? Have you experienced any inconveniences or issues while traveling? Have you had digestive problems recently? Both of these things are what happens when your Bazi destiny chart has the “Dragon-Dog Clash” or simply, “The Movement Clash.”

We all need to travel to satisfy a need, whether it may be going to work or socializing with others. But depending on your Bazi destiny chart, it may be safer if you stay home when you find that you have the Movement Clash.

People who have this clash can experience it in two general forms, such as traveling issues and digestive problems. But for each person, the date and time it is most likely to happen varies. For example, one person may have experienced the clash last April 4 and another might still experience it on April 30.

What’s important with the Dragon-Dog clash is the awareness that it’s happening. A person who properly prepares and proceeds with caution will not experience this clash as severely or not at all compared to those who go about their days unaware of it. There are those who stay in one place, such as being at home, that will not experience the clash as much as someone traveling often despite being unaware of the clash.

If you do have the Dragon-Dog clash, stay home as much as possible. Limit the times you choose to go out by choosing particularly knowing what days and times are safer to go out and travel. But if you live with someone else who does not have the Movement Clash, ask them to travel or do errands in your stead for now.

Be very careful of your food intake this month as the movement clash also brings digestive problems. If you are allergic to any food, it might be best to limit or completely eliminate those from your diet. Any digestive problems this month will surely become a great inconvenience to anything important you will be doing.

This information is knowledge in order to live life better and safer. Share it with the ones you love who you know are going through traveling problems or digestive issues. Ask them if they would like to know why this month, in particular, makes them more prone to these things based on their Bazi destiny chart.