Firm to mount 2-day cybersecurity confab

CYBERSECURITY firm Trend Micro is mounting its sixth annual cybersecurity conference Decode 2022 next week.

Dubbed “Decode 2022: Detect & Respond,” this year’s conference will happen on Nov. 28 and 29, 2022 virtually. It will have six keynote presentations and over 40 sessions across four key tracks.

“This year’s Decode shines a light on cybersecurity trends and aims to arm information technology (IT) departments with the necessary knowledge to detect, respond, and remain ahead of threats, especially as the landscape continuously evolves,” said Jay Yaneza, Trend Micro’s director of global operations, during the virtual media briefing on Monday, Nov. 21, 2022.

According to Yaneza, cybersecurity is still the top concern for most chief information officers today.

“With this conference, Trend Micro hopes to continue to provide a platform for awareness, learning, and insight-sharing, the way we have done in the past years of Decode,” he said.

The cybersecurity conference, which promotes the efficiency and efficacy of cybersecurity systems to secure organizations and communities, is an online event where information technology professionals and students can learn and network virtually.

Trend Micro will bring together the best cybersecurity professionals and experts to discuss industry trends, case studies, and security best practices.

Participants will learn about recent and relevant developments in the security industry, including emerging threats and vulnerabilities, deepfakes, fake news, scams and spam, internet of things and critical infrastructures, and threat hunting and incident response.

Registration for the two-day virtual conference is free. Interested participants may register at


Shane Cross, head of the Cybercrime Intelligence Unit and Cyber Fusion Center from Interpol’s Cybercrime Threat Response Sub-Directorate, will also return to Decode this year. Cross leads a team of law enforcement personnel and works with cyber intelligence analysts and private sector partners to tackle cybercrime on a global scale.

Lauren Seawright, currently the FBI Intelligence Assistant Legal Attache assigned to the US Embassy in the Philippines, is also a returning speaker to the conference. Her session last year covered the threat landscape and how it has evolved locally and globally in the past few years.

Charmaine Valmonte and Anton Bonifacio, the chief information security officers (CISOs) of Aboitiz Group and Globe Group Philippines, respectively, will also speak at the conference.

Capping off the powerhouse roster of speakers is Ryan Flores, Trend Micro’s APAC Forward Looking Threat Research team senior manager.

Last year’s Decode gathered 1,200 participants virtually.