How to live in a Muchos kind of way

Channel that fun Latin vibe.Latin roots have a fiery and vibrant characteristic that’s unmistakable. There’s drama, there’s passion, and a whole lotta heart. We made this special playlist on Spotify, curating some of our fave Latin beats. From sexy Samba and booty-shaking Bachata, to hot Kizomba and foot-stomping Latino-pop, this curated pre-visit lineup will get you in the mood to go Muchos.Search for the playlist: Muchos Latin BeatsBe chill…but make it cute.A visit to Muchos is all about feeling comfy and at home in a cool, but sophisticated tropical nook. So, we’re sending you your own beach mat. Spread out the foldie in the garden or even your sala, get comfy-cool in your own little corner, and chill out the Muchos Boracay way. If you’re heading to the island, bring your foldable mat with you andspread it out on Boracay’s powdery shores. (Islander tip: The spot right in front of Muchos is pretty awesome!)Give it your best shot.We couldn’t resist.We wanted to send you a little taste of what’s in store. At Muchos, we have a tequila and mezcal bar with over 15 varieties available. So, sending you this trusty Patron Silver mini for a pre-visit headstart.Ever wondered how to enjoy a tequila shot, the way they do in Mexico?First, chill your tequila glass in the fridge.Ready a slice of an orange segment and place some chili salt in a small bowl, ready for tasting (We’ve sent you a tasting portion of our signature chili salt to try!). Once your glass is nicely chilled, it’s time to pour your tequila in. Sniff, swirl, and sip the tequila to uncover the flavor profile. Dab some chilli salt on your tongue, to fully enhance the flavour of the tequila. Finish with a bite of your orange segment.¡Salud!Get that palate culture-curious. As much as we would’ve wanted to send you some of our top Latin dishes, Kuya Delivery on the island couldn’t ride the Ro-Ro. So, we’re sending you this P700 dine-in voucher for you to use at Muchos the next time you visit the island. We’re sending you our menu with this kit, too, so you can plot and plan out which dish/es you want to order.Get ready for an all-authentic Latin-Boracay food fest!Gear up for a uniquely Muchos experience!