Inflight Japan, Impacto BJJ top Asia Jiu-jitsu 2023

THE matchup for the Asian-ranking jiu-jitsu tournament concluded on Sunday, March 5, 2023, with the results of Infight Japan ranking first for the adult category and Impacto Bjj for the kids’ category at the Robinson’s Galleria Cebu.

Infight Japan secured 12 gold awards, 11 silver awards and five bronze awards for a total of 188.75 points. The adult category was subdivided into two events, Xx Copa Dumau De Jiu Jitsu 2023 and Kita Kanto Jiu Jitsu Championship 2023, which consisted of different fighters.

For the Impacto Bjj’s kids’ category, they bagged a total of 127.70 points, securing 12 gold awards, 10 silver awards and six bronze awards for the Xx Copa Dumau De Jiu Jitsu 2023 event.

The tournament lasted for two days where fighters from all over Asia gathered and fought with the means of winning their title in the Asian ranking leaderboard for a whole year round.

During the tournament, as each rank got higher, the fight became more difficult as competitors strove to aim for the long-running title in the jiu-jitsu community.

Travis Ratcliff, a fighter from Deftac Ribeiro, highlighted that each opponent has a different playstyle as he observed as he was warming up.

“One of my prominent struggles was how to execute my techniques which you need to perfect during the match. Though I applied what I practiced during my training, still, my opponents fought very well to the end,” said Ratcliff.

Kassy Soriano, a silver awardee competitor, stated the contrary about her execution of the techniques during the matchup, as a lot of things happened and that she just applied only most of her practices.

“Not really. Just like most of it (practiced techniques) because I could not do the sweep. That was the only thing I couldn’t do,” said Soriano.

Now that the competition is finished, it is up to the remaining fighters to strictly double their training regiments to further enhance their jiu-jitsu mastery for the next tournament. (Vince Harlan A. Chua, USJ-R Intern)