Japan remains as PH’s top ODA partner

THE Japanese government has committed it will keep injecting official development assistance (ODA) to the Philippines, as it remains as a top source of concessional financing for priority programs.

In a statement on Friday, the Japan International Cooperation Agency (Jica) said it injected 145 billion yen or almost P64 billion into projects implemented in the Philippines in 2020.

On top of two loans each amounting to 50 billion yen extended to the Philippines for Covid-19 response, Japan also gave the Philippine government 2.7 billion yen through two grants to provide medical equipment and support the Department of Health’s crisis response emergency program in 2020.

As of end-2020, cumulative Japanese ODA reached $11 billion, accounting for the biggest share at 36.4 percent of the country’s total portfolio, Jica Philippines chief representative Eigo Azukizawa said.

“This is testament to the trusted bilateral relations between Jica and the Philippines and our collective goal to overcome not just the pandemic challenges, but also to support the rule of law, and economic prosperity through infrastructure, connectivity, and regional peace and stability,” Azukizawa said.

“We will continue to work with the Philippines in mutually beneficial ways to ensure a better future for all,” he added. (CSL with PR)