Kick back and relax in Panglao

Panglao Island is widely known for being a top-tier tourist destination, and there’s no better time than the present to explore the numerous beach resorts dotting its white sand beaches.

One of these resorts is Best Western Plus The Ivywall Resort Panglao—a hotel with a heart. Ivywall is the first international-chain resort in Panglao Island and is located along Alona Beach.

Here are five reasons why Cebuanos should consider Ivywall Resort for their next trip to Panglao this 2023:

Compact, but wide, open-air architecture

This four-star hotel is smaller than most beach resorts, but it makes up for it with open-air spaces architecture that treat guests to the benefits of natural lighting and the cool sea breeze.

The Alon Restaurant is only a few steps away from the beach and is located beside the Game Room, which has a slide and seesaw set for children as well as board games, a billiards table, and several arcade games like basketball.

Other than its architecture, the hotel’s façade truly lives up to the hotel’s name because of the ivy paintings crawling up the wall.

Rooms that lead straight to the pool

There’s no greater feeling than stepping out of one’s room and straight into the pool. Ivywall Resort has poolside rooms that allow guests to enter from the hotel’s interior hallway and exit through the glass doors to reach the pool.

Whether people just want to dip their legs in and relax by the poolside or take a few laps around the pool, they can rest assured knowing these fun activities are just a few steps within reach from their poolside suite.

A beautiful view at the Teraza View Deck

The Teraza View Deck is perfect for anyone who wants to spend the day lounging under the sun, indulging in the sea breeze. It provides a stunning view of the sea and the hotel’s pool and has various spaces that are perfect for families, couples, or friends who want to sit beside each other.

Proximity to Panglao’s nightlife

Panglao Island regularly sees hundreds if not thousands of tourists a week, and not everyone wants to relax by the poolside and sleep in early. Luckily, there are several nightclubs within 300 meters of Ivywall Resort: Club Mhias, One 4 Da Road, and Max Cow, to name a few.

These nightclubs are located along Alona Beach Road, which is easily accessible through Ivywall Resort’s beachfront. Max Cow offers barbecue and great drinks with its open-bar atmosphere. It is located several meters away from One 4 Da Road—which comes with a billiard table—and directly across Club Mhias. Club Mhias is a more closed-in atmosphere, complete with strobing lights and a DJ handling the music.

A hotel with a heart

Like most hotels in the Visayas, Ivywall Resort was greatly affected by Typhoon Odette, especially given its proximity to the beachfront. Fortunately, with great leadership and even better teamwork, Ivywall was able to overcome its challenges and rise stronger than before.

General manager, Doer Escoto, said, “Together, we look forward to better, brighter, bolder years to come,” as the hotel celebrated its third anniversary on Nov. 19, 2022. He acknowledged the Ivywall Resort staff, executives, and supporters for the resort’s continued success since it was established in 2019.

With a general manager aptly named “Doer,” it’s no wonder the resort continues to “do” the best it can to give guests the four-star experience they deserve.