Letigio: The POWER of kindness

Recently, I had the privilege to converse with Visayan Electric’s chief operation officer, Raul Lucero, as Aboitiz Power launched its new transformative vision of “empowering the evolution of cities.”

One of the most striking statements he told me was how the company has always put the welfare of its consumers at the forefront of its service. The innovations Visayan Electric has been doing in the past years have all been about improving its services to Cebuanos.

One of their ongoing projects, although I am not at liberty to disclose it, will definitely ease the lives of consumers, especially in Cebu City.

For over a hundred years, Visayan Electric has brought power to the heart of Cebu and with it, became the catalyst to what is now a thriving bustling metropolis.

Consequently, the power utility celebrated its 118th anniversary in a simple yet impactful way, just like the service they provide to Metro Cebu.

Last Feb. 17 and 20 to 23, the Visayan Electric team distributed food packs to people, feeding nearly 600 individuals such as construction workers, security guards, traffic enforcers, jeepney drivers and garbage collectors, among others.

The distribution was done in the cities of Talisay, Cebu and Mandaue, as well as in the towns of Consolacion and Liloan. All of these localities are serviced by the power utility.

Engineer Lucero said the activity was also aligned with the celebration of Random Acts of Kindness day. I mean, what is more powerful in the world than an act of kindness?

“We wanted to do something different. Instead of opting for a company-wide celebration, we went beyond the four walls of our offices to spread kindness and positivity to the Cebuanos,” said Lucero.

He also noted that Visayan Electric has always been supportive of the communities through various programs such as school rewiring programs, Brigada Eskwela, scholarship grants, coastal cleanups, mangrove planting and others.

For me, Visayan Electric is an essential part of Cebu. Without it, Cebu would have not progressed to where it is now. They provide the power to do so.

Yet in all those 118 years, Visayan Electric’s power is also manifested in simpler ways through the culture of kindness they practice as a company and to their stakeholders.

I would never forget during the onslaught of typhoon Odette, how Visayan Electric and its linemen braved the devastation to bring back light to our homes.

Amid the darkness of such a trying time, the power utility managed to bring hope one lighted post at a time.

I have so many friends in Visayan Electric and I’ve formed even more in the past years. To every one of them, Happy Anniversary!

Through you, the world will see the power of Cebu!