Libre: Siloy Music Awards 2021 nominees

It has been a difficult period for all people as the coronavirus disease 2019 (Covid-19) can’t just be totally eliminated as yet.

Performing artists can’t earn their keep as most bars, music joints, concert halls and stadiums remain closed. There are quite a number of musicians, for instance, who give online performances, but these may not be a truly viable alternative to playing before a live audience. Still Bisaya Orig music artists have been producing new music and it is that time of year that we acknowledge outstanding works through the Cebu Siloy Music Awards which we began in 2017.

The big winners last year were Ferdinand Aragon (Best Vocal Performance, Male and Breakthrough Artist) and Juan Paasa (Best Alternative Music Performance, Breakthrough Artist and Song of the Year for “Summoning Eru”).

Due to lack of space in this column, I’ll limit the nominees to five categories and the rest can be seen in the Facebook Group B ORIG. The announcement of winners will be on May 28, and hopefully will be shown through FB Live.

Vocal Performance, Male: Iping Amores – “Ginhawa Delfin;” Ferdinand Aragon – “Pahuway;” Maric Gavino – “Kung Mabalik na ang Tanan;” Hopia – “Hapit Tika Gihilakan;” Marckenny – “Tethered;” TJ Monterde – “Puhon;” Jericho Streegan – “Unta.”

Vocal Performance, Female; Alfa – “Alindahaw;” Jacky Chang – “Husto Ka Pero Husto Na;” Mikay Libres – “Gunitan;” Lourdes Maglinte – “Ayaw na lang;” Cata Mauria Pama – “A.M.;” Orfeshaine Quinones – “Sugid ni Maria;” Jewel Villaflores – “Buang.”

Alternative Performance: Breaking Heist – “Dili Ta Pwede;” Franco – “Lost in Your Universe;” Juan Paasa – “Take a Roll;” Old Fashion Jams – “Kahit Kaibigan Lang Kita;” PG18 – “Binignit;” Regroove Ridim – “Kwarta;” Emping – “Completion.”

Breakthrough Artist of the Year: Alfa; Oh! Caraga; Mampor & Me; Cata Mauria Pama; Reon; Jericho Streegan; Xanu Angels

Song of the Year: “A.M.” – Cata Mauria Pama; “Alindahaw” – Alfa Garcia; “Dungan” – Niño Vasquez, Kami Norte Production, Intertwined, Jude Gitamondoc and Haidee Palapar; “Ginhawa Delfin” – Nathan Philip Amores; “Ipanumpa Ko” – Sherwin Fugoso, Kenneth Corvera and Adam Corvera; “Sugid ni Maria” – Joseph Gara; “Suyo” – Noah Alejandre and Reanna Borela.