Lim: Mammogram

A mammogram is an X-ray image of the breast and it remains the gold standard for detecting breast cancer.

Like many women, do you dread getting one? What do you dread—the procedure, the results or both? For most of us, it’s both.

But while finding out you have cancer can be terrifying, knowing early means you have a chance to fight it. Cancer won’t go away. To survive it, you must control its spread. But without a diagnosis, no intervention can be made.

Breast cancer cannot be prevented but it can be detected early by getting a regular mammogram starting at a certain age based on your risk factors.

The procedure can seem daunting. But it’s really more discomfort than pain. A migraine hurts much more. A heartbreak lasts much longer.

Since a mammogram cannot be done without radiation, you want to do it with the best machine available — one that gives you accurate results to minimize the need to repeat the procedure or to do additional procedures.

Check out Mammomat Revelation at UCMed (University of Cebu Medical Center).

In addition to being capable of taking multiple 3D images from different angles with its 50 wide-angle technology, it can also guide breast biopsies as well as do contrast-enhanced mammography.

Contrast is a substance introduced to the patient intravenously to produce better imaging quality. Mammography as with CT scanning can now be done with contrast. This is especially life-saving for high-risk women with dense breasts.

Dense breasts appear mostly white on regular imaging. So, spotting as well as identifying the composition of small lesions can prove challenging. With contrast-enhanced mammography, however, there are no limits in detecting breast cancer in dense breasts.

Compression is key to a good mammogram. But this is what turns most women off.

With Mammomat Revelation, compression is personalized. When the paddle reaches the breast, speed is automatically reduced. And as soon as optimal compression for the best quality image is reached, the paddle stops.

Designed with soft edges, the paddle comes in five sizes to accommodate all sizes of breasts.

It’s a quick procedure with your breasts being positioned, one after the other, on a small tray/table after which compression begins and images are then taken. A bit of flexibility is required where your neck and shoulders are concerned.

The most advanced mammography system in the country, Mammomat Revelation, significantly improves diagnostic accuracy in characterizing breast tissue. This translates into fewer false alarms, earlier detection of breast cancer and more lives saved.

It’s 50 percent off until Nov. 30, 2022. At only P1,450, book your appointment today at or call UCMed’s Women’s Health Center at 517-0888 loc. 5930 or 0925-558-9825 for details.