Local business offers ‘Heat and Eat’ meals for Cebuanos

EVERYBODY needs to take a pause when the world is spinning way too fast.

One way of enjoying this moment of reprieve is by indulging oneself with a heartwarming meal, jampacked with nostalgia and flavors close to home.

Located in Banilad, Cebu City MamaMade Cebu Kitchen is ready to welcome weary folks craving for a delicious and good hearty bite. MamaMade has been around as early as March 2021 developed by Joey and Jelly Suaco.

The two wanted to create something that would cater to everybody who would love to have ready-made meals without having to go outside risking themselves of exposure to the coronavirus.

“At MamaMade, we enjoy all kinds of food but believe that the best ones are comforting, hearty and delicious—just like how our Mama makes them. That’s why we created our Heat and Eat Meals; fresh-to-frozen, vacuum sealed dishes in a range of belly-filling and soul-warming varieties that take only minutes to prepare,” shared Jelly.

“Whether you’re a working mom, busy professional or time-pressed student, these meals are the perfect solution to your home-cooked food cravings with a little extra flair,” Jelly added.

Previously a meal delivery service, it now operates a kitchen kiosk serving. Customers can order their food frozen, and they can heat it anytime they wish to enjoy a quick yet delicious meal. From hot rice bowls to party platters, MamaMade has it all.

Find MamaMade on the upper ground floor of the Main Mall at Banilad Town Centre. It accepts orders for same-day pick-up or delivery between 10 a.m to 7 p.m daily except Sundays. It accepts digital payments or cash on delivery.