Man, 34, arrested for vandalizing newly painted wall

A 34-YEAR-OLD man from Barangay Basak, Lapu-Lapu City faced the ire of Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan after he was found to have vandalized a wall in Barangay Ibo that had just been painted in preparation for the city’s 500th anniversary celebration of the Battle of Mactan.

Niño Limpangog Maco, who is currently detained at Lapu-Lapu City Police Station 5, told police and Chan himself that he was drunk at the time when he made the deed.

Maco decided to surrender to police after he saw Chan’s post on his Facebook page asking the public to pinpoint those who were behind the vandalism of a newly painted wall in Barangay Ibo.

During a meeting at Chan’s office, Maco admitted he and a friend were passing the area at around Friday dawn, April 23, 2021, when they saw the newly painted wall and some leftover paint at the sidewalk.

Drunk at that time, Maco decided to paint patterns on the newly painted wall just for fun.

“I was really tempted to make a mess on that wall. While we were two at that time, only I committed the deed,” Maco said.

For his part, Chan said Maco will pay for what he has done.

“I cannot accept what he (Maco) did, especially since our city personnel had worked hard to ensure that all public walls in our city would be painted,” Chan said in Cebuano.

After he was reported to the local police, Maco was immediately detained. He is awaiting the charges to be filed against him. (REV / JKV)