Mandaue City VOC holds vaccine registration for market vendors

TO ENHANCE the protection of market vendors, the Mandaue City Vaccination Operations Center (VOC) conducted a vaccination registration exclusively for the market vendors and helpers on the second floor of the Mandaue City Public Market on Sept. 22, 2021.

There are 64 market vendors, helpers and porters who registered for the market vaccination.

The schedule of the vaccination of these registered market vendors and helpers is on Thursday, Sept. 23.

Edgar Seno, head of Market Authority, said there are almost 300 market vendors and helpers in the Mandaue City Public Market who are vaccinated.

There are about 3,000 market vendors and helpers in the market.

With this data, Seno said they convened with the market vendor leaders to know the concerns of the vendors with regard to the vaccination.

Seno said the vendors told them that they are afraid to get vaccinated because of the possible adverse effects that they will experience after getting the jab.

He said they conducted an information drive among the vendors with a video presentation from the Mandaue City VOC showing the benefits of the Covid-19 vaccines.

In an interview, one of the vendors named Maria Arlina Feguron told Sunstar Cebu that she had just recently registered for the vaccination because of the opportunity that was given to them.

She had not registered for the vaccination prior to it as she did not have time to go to a vaccination site.

With this opportunity, Feguron said she can finally have herself vaccinated as the vaccination will be held at the market.

On Sept. 23, Seno said they will continue to register the market vendors who failed to do so on Sept. 22.

He said the registration and vaccination will be simultaneously conducted on Sept. 23.

Those who registered on Sept. 22 will be prioritized in the vaccination, said Seno. (KFD)