Mandaue tricycle drivers can charge P15 per passenger

STARTING Tuesday, March 29, tricycles in Mandaue City can start charging a minimum fare of P15.This, after a resolution crafted by City Councilor Jimmy Lumapas adjusting the tricycle fare and the seating capacity of each zone as established in the tricycle route plan in the city, was approved by the Mandaue City Council on Monday, March 28, 2022.A week ago, the city’s tricycle fare was at P10 after the City Council also approved to decrease it from P20 due to the easing of restrictions and complaints from commuters.Lumapas, who chairs the committee on transportation, said the P5 increase in minimum fare was pushed after tricycle drivers also complained about their low income due to the successive oil price hikes.With this, they opted to impose a P15 minimum fare since there are four routes that have a low number of commuters apart from the long distance.He, however, said all tricycles will carry only four passengers per ride, which is fewer than the maximum of five passengers or full seating capacity a week ago.Lumapas said only the Route Zone 4 (Gray) or tricycles plying routes in Barangays Alang-Alang, Ibabao, Umapad, Opao, Looc, Cambaro and Centro will have a fixed P15 fare.The fare will vary in other routes such as Route Zone 1 (Red) or in Barangays Pagsabungan, Canduman, Casuntingan, Cabancalan, Maguikay, Tabok and Tingub; Route Zone 2 (Blue) or in Barangays Paknaan and Labogon; Route Zone 4 (Yellow) or in Barangays Banilad, Bakilid and Tipolo; and Route Zone 5 (Orange) or in Barangays Casili, Cubcub, and Tawasan.For these four routes, tricycle drivers can charge P15 per head for a maximum of four passengers while P20 per head will be collected if there are only two to three passengers and P25 if only one passenger will ride.Lumapas said the Traffic Enforcement Agency of Mandaue was already instructed to put up the tariff rate in all tricycles to avoid confusion among the drivers and commuters.He, however, clarified that the new fare is still subject to change depending on the circumstances.Meanwhile, Lumapas said the almost P13 million worth of fuel subsidy that they plan to give for the 2,545 legitimate tricycle drivers is ready.They are just awaiting the grant of approval from the Commission on Elections to exempt it from the election ban.Should it be granted, each legitimate tricycle driver and operator will be given P5,000 in financial assistance amid the oil price hikes.