Mayor cracks down on owners of strays

LAPU-LAPU Lapu City Mayor Junard “Ahong” Chan has reminded constituents who own cows, goats and dogs to keep them on a leash to prevent road accidents.

There have been instances when drivers, mostly of motorcycles, crash when they encounter these animals suddenly crossing the street.

Chan said owners who fail to leash their animals will face a penalty since the City has an ordinance that punishes animal neglect.

Section 3 of Article 5 of City Ordinance 484-97, or the Comprehensive Environmental and Sanitation Code of Lapu-Lapu City, states: “Owner of animals shall see to it that these animals/pets shall not stray in public, streets, plazas, parks and public spaces. Any stray animal shall be impounded at the barangay hall where it was caught and shall only be released upon payment of fine.”

The fine for first-time offenders is P300; P500 for second-time offenders; and P1,000 and jail time of 30 days for third-time offenders. (GCM / KAL)