New PNP chief’s eyes peeled on clean stations

THE 11 police stations in Cebu City will be inspected by the chief of the Cebu City Police Office (CCPO) on their compliance with the order of the new Philippine National Police chief, Gen. Guillermo Eleazar, to clean their offices.

As the new head of the national police, Eleazar has said that he will see to the implementation of an “intensified cleanliness policy” as part of PNP’s internal cleansing.

Eleazar urged the station commanders to clean their offices to make them presentable to the visitors and regain the public’s confidence in them.

During his assumption on May 7, 2021, Eleazar announced the relaunching of the intensified cleanliness policy, which he first implemented during his stint in the National Capital Region Police Office.

Eleazar said the policy focuses on the maintenance of cleanliness in police stations, the implementation of reforms to stop the culture of wrongdoings among policemen, making the PNP recruitment foolproof through a QR code system to avoid “bata-bata” or “padrino” system, and intensification of community-focused peace and order operations.

CCPO Director Josefino Ligan will personally check the police stations by visiting each station every other day via bicycle.

According to CCPO deputy director for operations Wilbert Parilla, the CCPO chief has issued a policy that the station commanders will be relieved from their posts if they do not comply with Eleazar’s order.

The station commander will first receive a warning if the inspection shows that the comfort room and the lobby of their offices are dirty; if the police station is not cleaned regularly, the station commander will face an investigation, Parilla said. (AYB / SunStar Philippines)